Preparing for an Emergency

Suggested list in preparation for June 30th -and any similar emergency:

– Keep the number of the nearest hospital handy (near the phone or on the fridge).
– For family members with a medical condition, share the number of their doctor with others.
– Buy extra supplies of medicine for those with a medical condition (heart, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, allergy, etc…)
-Stock up an extensive first aid kit -don’t forget flash lights or candles.
– Make sure to have a fire extinguisher.
– Share the landline phone numbers of family and close friends -keep them handy too.
– Baby supplies (bottles, formulas, diapers)

Additional items:

– Extra food and water supply
– Extra medications (basic)
– Extra cash
– Pet supplies
– Whistles
– Radio
– Emergency blank
– Scissors
– Multipurpose tool
– Duck tape
– Extra batteries
– Candles and matches
–  Flash light
– Extra car keys and house keys

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