First Aid Kits

Below is an article, that was published in one of Cairo’s magazines. Happy reading!

Emergencies can happen at any time, home, work or while commuting. In order to be better prepared, it is highly advise to keep a first aid kit available.
You can either buy a ready made first aid kit -and add items to it- or buy items from the pharmacy.
 However, it is advise dto build your kit from scratch since it will give you the margin to extra items according to your need. The kit can include emergency items that are essential for your survival in case of a disaster such as a power cut, earthquake, or any man made disaster.
Bellow is an example of a first aid kit, note you can remove or add items base on the size of the bag or the available space.
          Bandages (different sizes) and different types (adhesive and rolling ones) –to dress wounds
          Sterilized dressings and gauze pads(different sizes) –to stop bleeding and dress wounds
          Triangle bandages (if available)
          Ventilation mask (for rescue breathing –if available)
          Adhesive tape –to dress wounds
          Cotton buds and swabs –to clean wounds
          Cold packs –for sprains, bruises and dislocations
          Latex gloves (several pairs) –to protect against bloodborne pathogens
          Aspirin and pain relievers –to reduce swelling and general discomfort
          Antihistamine ointment or pills –for allergies
          Antibiotic ointment –for wounds
          Anti diarrhea and rehydration medication
          Charcoal based pills –for poisoning (when instructed)
          Antiseptic spray –for wounds
          Hydrocortisone ointment –for stings and irritations
          Tweezers and scissors –to assist in removing foreign bodies, cut bandages and clothes
          Safety pins – to secure bandages
          Alcohol wipes and antibacterial gel –to clean wounds and hands (gel)
          Oral Thermometer
          Emergency blanket –to treat shock
          Keep extra prescribed medication for those with a medical condition
          Copy of your CPR and first aid manual or brochure with instructions
Extra Items
-Flash light with extra batteries
– Multipurpose tool
-Local Maps
-Extra cell phone with charger
– Whistle -to call for help
-Duck tape
– Small fire extinguisher
-List with emergency numbers and prescribed medications
-Copies of important personal documents
-As for the bag, you can either use a plastic box or buy a first aid bag.
Stay safe!