Care for Children Course – This Month!

Join us next Thursday for your last chance before this summer to learn how to save a life of a child!

In cooperation with Flow Center, we are organizing a care for children course next Thursday 11th June. 

This course will teach you:
-How to care for an injured or ill child
-How to deal with life-threatening situations
-Life saving recitation techniques for infants and children
-Emergency first aid skills for choking, bleeding, drowning, and cardiac arrest. 
-How to use the latest technology (AED) to help save a life.

You will be given full-color student workbooks, tested and certified at the end of the workshop. You will receive a temporary card same day, and your official Emergency First Responders trainee card, valid for 2 years in the mail. This course is recognized as fulfillment of requirements for teacher certification and a helpful qualification if you work in a child-related field or industry. It is also great for stay-at-home and working moms, nannies, grandparents, or other care givers who all want to know how to save a life! 

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