تثقيف الاميين على الاسعافات الاولية

فكرة لما عايز تعلم ناس على قدها او تعليمها محدود، ممكن تستخدم المواد التعليمية للأحياء الخاصة بالأطفال. التعليم المحدود مش لازم يكون مانع لتعليم الناس الاسعافات الاولية. واسئل مجرب 🙂  اودى امثلة لستيكرات اطفال ممكن تستخدمها للشرح للى بيبقى اسهل من المحاضرات وبيساعد على الفهم والتذكر. لمعلومات اكتر، ماتنسوش تتابعوا صفحتنا هنا.

Holiday First Aid Tips!

So with the upcoming holidays, some incidents are likely to occur. Remember stay safe and don’t forget to like our page. Wishing you all all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

First Aid Awareness Session

Last October we have been busy giving awareness sessions on first aid for children, young parents and youth.The session was help in downtown Cairo, within the premises of Beit El Sennary a community center giving sessions and workshops in the area. Session covered different skills such as CPR, chocking, bleeding, fractures, strokes and many other … Read more

December Courses! Don’t Miss Out to Take Your CPR/First Aid Training

Hello everyone! Due to popular demand we are back in December (before Christmas) with new courses for adults and your children, These are important skills to learn -hopefully you won’t need to use them.. Help save a life and get your CPR/First aid training now! And don’t forget to “like” our First Aid and CPR in … Read more

Preparing For Power Cuts

This is a re-post of a previously published article.  In general, a power outage can happen any time. However, they have been more frequent in Cairo for the past two years and can be quite frustrating. It is a good idea to be prepared for this type of emergency. And remember: Better safe than sorry.  … Read more

October/November Updates

Hello everyone, Hope you are all enjoying the cool weather. Just to update you that we haven’t disappeared but it has been a very busy month certifying new students. However we promise to be back in action soon. Stay safe! Meanwhile, you can follow up CPR and First Aid news on our facebook page. Click … Read more

Interview With Cairo West Magazine

With October starting, we got interviewed by Cairo West Magazine about the CPR work we are doing in Egypt and the mission to spread this life saving knowledge. Below is the publish magazine, and in case you can’t read it, click on the link here. Finally, don’t forget to like our page for more CPR … Read more

Your Survival Kit

Many people have been asking about buying a first aid kit. This author believes it is best to build your own first aid and “disaster” kit. This includes emergency items that are essential for your survival in case of a disaster such as a power cut, earthquake, etc… You can add up to this list … Read more

Health and Safety Precautions for Children

This post was published in article, I am re-posting for general knowledge and future use. Like adults, children can come across hazardous situations, not knowing what to do. They can be hurt while coming across an accident or while trying to help others. This can put them in a vulnerable situation, especially if they are … Read more

September CPR and First Aid Courses

Hello everyone, hope you all had a nice summer. September is here and we are proud to provide three new courses for adults and children! Yes, you read it right, you can now provide your child basic first aid skills -which can be very useful in emergencies. 1- First Aid Awareness Workshop for Children, Saturday 7th September … Read more