First Aid Mental Health

Participants who take the first aid for mental health course will be able to further advocate for mental health and mental health awareness.

Course Updates

Did you know that our International Certifications are electronic now? You will receive them within 48 hours after your course completion!  In addition, the theoretical sections of our Emergency First Response courses can be offered online. This means you will learn the theoretical part independently, then attend a couple of hours for face to face … Read more

New Mental Health Collaboration

We are super excited to be collaboration with EMPWR on mental health. We are partnering with them to bring and disseminate our First Aid for Mental Health Workshops. This will help spread mental health awareness in the region and fight the stigma surrounding it.

Collaboration With Johnson and Johnson

Proud to be part of the collaboration with Johnson Baby Academy initiative. There are several episode tackling motherhood and child related topics. There is a full episode here on first aid and emergencies related to children and infants. Click here for the full episode.

مخاطر الاختناق للأطفال تحت سن الأربع سنوات!

كما تعلمون ممكن الأطفال أن يختنقوا الطعام وذلك اثناء نموهم الطبيعي لحين يتعلموا كيف يمضغون طعامهم بشكل صحيح. بالنسبة للأطفال الذين تقل أعمارهم عن 4 سنوات ، قد لا تتطور هذه المهارة بصورة كاملة وبعض الأطعمة قد تكون كبيرة بالمقارنة بالقصبة الهوائية. تذكر الأطفال ان في ذلك العمر ليس لديهم حتى الضروس (الاسنان) لمضغ وطحن … Read more

Article By Discover Egypt Magazine

Another lovely article, covering our work in first aid and mental health training in the region. Thank you Discover Egypt Magazine and for supporting small bussiness! Read the full article here through this link.

Choking Hazards for Children Under 4

As you know, children are likely to choke on food as they grow and learn how to chew their food properly. However, for children under 4, this skill might not be fully developed yet and some food might be too big for their wind pipe. At that age, children don’t yet have their molars to … Read more

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First Aid Training Egypt

We have a facebook group now!Make sure to join where you can ask questions, share tips, material and resources on first aid and first aid for mental heath.عندنا فيسبوك جروب!انضم للجروب ويمكنك طرح الأسئلة ، المشاركة في النصائح ، المواد والموارد عن الإسعافات الأولية والإسعافات الأولية للصحة النفسية. Join here.