Wilderness First Aid – Part 2

Here it the second part of the “Wilderness First Aid” Series”. Last part coming soon! Even in Egypt, there are many outdoor and wilderness activities you can take part of. As a result, medical emergencies can occur and it is best -as a precaution- to be prepared for such situation. This article will discuss several … Read more

Wilderness First Aid – Part 1

This is one of three parts talking about wilderness and outdoors safety as well as first aid topics. Remember if you are planning an outdoors activity, consult with professionals, prepare well for your trip and never try to save money by cutting cheaper deals! Remember your safety doesn’t have a price tag on it. Happy … Read more

First Aid Kits

Below is an article, that was published in one of Cairo’s magazines. Happy reading! Emergencies can happen at any time, home, work or while commuting. In order to be better prepared, it is highly advise to keep a first aid kit available. You can either buy a ready made first aid kit -and add items … Read more

Road Safety Tips: Safe Drive Stay Alive

We have been asked recently about road safety. According to the latest statistics from the World Health Organization, 53% of traffic accidents in Egypt occur in highways and 75% of the victims are males. Stay safe and don’t forget to follow our “Help Save a Life” page Road Safety Tips SAVE DRIVE, STAY ALIVE While … Read more

Keeping Your Child Safe -Part 2

As per the previous post, this is a continuation on first aid for children article and how to protect them. Below are several scenarios on potential threats and dangers. If interested to read the first part, click here. Burns Burns may be caused by fire, scalding, electricity and chemicals. Here are some tips on how … Read more

Preparing For Power Cuts

This is a re-post of a previously published article.  In general, a power outage can happen any time. However, they have been more frequent in Cairo for the past two years and can be quite frustrating. It is a good idea to be prepared for this type of emergency. And remember: Better safe than sorry.  … Read more

Interview With Cairo West Magazine

With October starting, we got interviewed by Cairo West Magazine about the CPR work we are doing in Egypt and the mission to spread this life saving knowledge. Below is the publish magazine, and in case you can’t read it, click on the link here. Finally, don’t forget to like our page for more CPR … Read more

Your Survival Kit

Many people have been asking about buying a first aid kit. This author believes it is best to build your own first aid and “disaster” kit. This includes emergency items that are essential for your survival in case of a disaster such as a power cut, earthquake, etc… You can add up to this list … Read more

Health and Safety Precautions for Children

This post was published in article, I am re-posting for general knowledge and future use. Like adults, children can come across hazardous situations, not knowing what to do. They can be hurt while coming across an accident or while trying to help others. This can put them in a vulnerable situation, especially if they are … Read more

An Article About our First Aid Online Training!

So Daily News Egypt writes a piece about our first aid webinar initiative! Read more about the article here. For more information, news and updates about First Aid and CPR in Egypt. Follow our facebook page here.