New Device for Choking

This has been circulating for a while: a new device to use when choking.More like a pump which could be used even when alone. Should be interesting the feedback from the clients! Click here for the full video! Don’t forget to subscribe to our page here.

Home First Aid Kit

Here is an interesting article about assembling a home first aid kit! To read it, click here. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our page here.

Pet First Aid Kit

Summer is here and for sure you will be travelling with your pet! One precaution you will need is a handy first aid kit. Make sure to read this info-graphic and be prepared for any emergency. Also, keep following this blog for a new pet first aid article. For other news, subscribe to our Facebook … Read more

More on First Aid Kits

First aid kits are important to have handy at house, work or in your car.  It is easier to assemble one and have it updated and checked every month. Most of the ingredients are easy to find at your local pharmacy. This has been previously discussed in on of our older posts. Click here to … Read more

First Aid Kits

Below is an article, that was published in one of Cairo’s magazines. Happy reading! Emergencies can happen at any time, home, work or while commuting. In order to be better prepared, it is highly advise to keep a first aid kit available. You can either buy a ready made first aid kit -and add items … Read more

Your Survival Kit

Many people have been asking about buying a first aid kit. This author believes it is best to build your own first aid and “disaster” kit. This includes emergency items that are essential for your survival in case of a disaster such as a power cut, earthquake, etc… You can add up to this list … Read more

Preparing for an Emergency

Suggested list in preparation for June 30th -and any similar emergency: – Keep the number of the nearest hospital handy (near the phone or on the fridge).– For family members with a medical condition, share the number of their doctor with others.– Buy extra supplies of medicine for those with a medical condition (heart, diabetes, … Read more