Mental Health

How Can First Aid for Mental Health Course Benefit Your School/Nursery?

Mental health courses in schools and nurseries can bring numerous benefits to both students and educators. By incorporating such courses into the curriculum, students can develop a better understanding of their emotions and mental well-being from an early age, fostering emotional intelligence and resilience. As for educators, it helps them to better support their students and improve their academic progress.

First Aid Mental Health

Participants who take the first aid for mental health course will be able to further advocate for mental health and mental health awareness.

New Mental Health Collaboration

We are super excited to be collaboration with EMPWR on mental health. We are partnering with them to bring and disseminate our First Aid for Mental Health Workshops. This will help spread mental health awareness in the region and fight the stigma surrounding it.

Signs of Mental Distress

Arabic below/الترجمة بعد الإنجليزي With Mental Health awareness month, we are sharing some signs on how to recognize if someone is in mental distress? A friend or family member, how can you recognize that this is something serious?  Remember to check on your loved ones, showing concern and care makes all the difference to those in … Read more