Summer Safety

As you head up to the beach this summer, don’t forget these summer safety tips. Don’t forget to subscribe to our page!

Emergency Numbers in the North Coast

With Summer and travelling to Alexandria in season, it’s a good idea to have an emergency plan with contacts with you. Here are the hospital numbers in the area, stay safe! 1. Al Alamein Hospital Telephone: +20464100212 Address: Km 107, Alex Matrouh Desert Rd., Marina, Gate 7, El Alamein, North Coast – Egypt 2. Barani … Read more

On Road Safetyسلامة الطرق

We came across this interesting channel on road safety in Egypt. Click here for the channel and don’t forget to subscribe to our facebook page. ديه صفحة توعية عن سلامة الطرق في مصر وفيها معلومات مفيدة ج!  اللينك هنا، ولمعلومات عن صفحتنا انقر هنا.

Car Seats

A lot of parents, wrong place the car seat in their cars. This is an interesting article on the best location. Also, read more about the common mistakes when purchasing a car seat. Happy reading and stay safe. Don’t forget to subscribe to our page.

Children and Safety

This is an informative video on how to protect children from kidnap. Tips are very useful! Click here for the video. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Facebook page.

Safety and Fire

Following the recent fuel tank explosion (click here for video), some comments are vital for safety:- – During any major accident, think to eliminate the danger before helping others.– If there is a major oil or fuel spillage, stay away and clear everyone.– Call for help before assisting and remember to safely park away.– Get … Read more

“Walk/Run against Road Fatalities & Injuries in Egypt” …… ” إمشي أو إجري معانا من أجل زيادة الوعي ضد وفيات حوادث الطرق في مصر”

    كن إيجابي ! **************أصبحت الوفيات الناجمة عن حوادث الطرق في مصر تشكل تهديداً خطيراً للامن القومي المصري، فهي:١) القاتل الاول للمصريين في الفئة العمرية ١٥ – ٤٠ سنة ٢) بمعدل ٤٠ إبنة/إبن/أخت/أخ/أم/أب/صديقة/صديق، يموتون يومياً (نعم يو…مياً) بسبب حوادث الطرق في مصر ٣) بمعدل ١٦٠ عزيز علينا يصاب باعاقة او اصابة بالغة يومياً بسبب … Read more

Road Safety Tips: Safe Drive Stay Alive

We have been asked recently about road safety. According to the latest statistics from the World Health Organization, 53% of traffic accidents in Egypt occur in highways and 75% of the victims are males. Stay safe and don’t forget to follow our “Help Save a Life” page Road Safety Tips SAVE DRIVE, STAY ALIVE While … Read more

Holiday First Aid Tips!

So with the upcoming holidays, some incidents are likely to occur. Remember stay safe and don’t forget to like our page. Wishing you all all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!