Children and Infants First Aid Workshop

Location: MQR, Maadi
When: Saturday, March 2nd, 2024, from 11 am to 2 pm

This specialized and hands on workshop on first aid emergencies that is related to children and infants. Workshop is customized not only for parents and caregivers but guardians, teachers and anyone who deals with children on a daily basis.

Skills and topics to be learned: scene assessment and safety, CPR, chocking, bleeding, burns, head injuries, poisoning and harmful substances, nosebleed, drowning, broken bones, seizures, asthma, allergies, croup and many more. Make sure to attend this specialized workshop! It’s only three hours of your time and you will leave with new knowledge that might help you to save a life.

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Identify a medical emergency and prioritize what to do first.
  • Master various first aid skills and techniques such as bleeding, chocking, CPR, spinal injuries etc…
  • Evaluate different medical emergenciy situations.
  • Practice real life scenarios and role play.
  • Gain confidence –and courage- to act and help others in need.

Training Methodology:

  • Hands on approach with role play, simulation and practice on manikins, in order to retain new skills.
  • Usage of diverse audio-visual material.
  • Group and peer learning in a non-stressful environment.
  • Focus on the participants’ needs.

Note that Strict safety and hygiene measures will be applied during the course:

  • Social distancing in a big well ventilated room.
  • Less number of participants per session.
  • All participants will put on face coverings and masks (mandatory).
  • Gloves, sanitizers, disinfectants and wash room facilities will be available.

About the Trainer:

Youmna Khalil is the founder of FirstAid Responders and an internationally certified CPR, First Aid and AED Elite instructor for both adults and children. Accredited by Emergency First Response, she teaches in both English and Arabic to audiences from diverse backgrounds.Since 2012, Youmna was successful in raising first aid awareness for over 28000 people; 650 became internationally certified first responders and 5000 people received first aid training. Furthermore, she participated in outreach events and contributed in several magazines, blogs and webinars –in order to further spread first aid knowledge.In addition, Youmna teaches distinctive courses such as first aid for mental health, airborne pathogens awareness and manual handling.

Course fees include:

  • Practice and usage of manikins
  • Material

Note, that this workshop doesn’t include an international certification.

Fees:1150LE, deadline for registration and payment is February 24th.

–To reserve please send us a private message or an email at or call 01004284295.