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Youmna Khalil Revolutionizes First Aid Trainings in EgyptYoumna Khalil, Founder and Trainer of FirstAid Responders, is one of the first women running a first aid and CPR training business in Egypt. Since 2012, Youmna’s mission has been to spread the culture of first aid in Egypt. So far, she was successful to reach 28,000 people and training 5000 FirstAid Responders; the youngest to learn CPR was 6 years old Her clients include several multinational companies, organizations and embassies encompassing sectors such as food industries, tourism, petroleum, telecommunication, fitness, education and entertainment.

Currently, FirstAid responders offer 17 different courses that are catered to participants needs while meeting international requirements and the receipt an accreditation. Being an avid camper, hiker and off-roader, Youmna quickly realized that being safe on an adventure should be everyone’s top priority. Hence, every traveler should learn first aid and CPR. As result Youmna received her instructor certification from Emergency First Response (EFR), one of the worldwide leading organizations in First Aid and CPR in 2011. (www.emergencyfirstresponse.com)

Youmna also received the 2020 Elite Instructor award from EFR for her dedication for first aid trainings and instruction. One of the top achievements, in 2021, FirstAid Responders became the first organization in Egypt to provide accredited First aid for Mental Health courses. These workshops teach responders how to deal with people in mental distress and tackles the stigma associated with mental illness. They also raise awareness on mental health issues, often neglected by first responders, despite they should handle physical as well as mental health emergencies. Youmna provided three workshops, and ten First Aid responders received their certification.

Youmna’s professional experience goes beyond first aid. She is a development practitioner with 16 years of experience in the field. This is where she gained her facilitation skills. She learned how to design and customize trainings to fit people’s needs while ensuring that they retain their newly acquired knowledge and skills. This overlaps with FirstAid Responders’ mission which is to empower people to become confident and help in an emergency. Something that is always mentioned by participants after the workshop “ I am now confident”.

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