Drowning Prevention Week: Safety Tips for Toddlers

With drowning prevention week coming to an end, we thought to share some safety tips. As you know, water safety is important for all ages, but especially toddlers since they are at the highest risk due to their impulsiveness and speed.

Steps to Prevent Child Drowning:

  • Always dress your children in vibrant and contrasting colors. These are the easiest to spot in case of drowning, stay away from whites and blues.
  • Always keep children within arm’s reach, just in case.
  • Never leave a child alone in and around water. Have them constantly supervised. Adults have to be attentive all the time.
  • Teach children how to swim, this can come handy. There are even swimming classes for infants, teaching them how to float at a very young age.
  • Have your safety gear with you, such as buoys, life jackets and first aid kit.
  • Swim in lifeguarded areas, lifeguards are training in rescue techniques and follow on weather and sea conditions.
  • Learn First Aid. In a perfect world, all parents should be trained in CPR, conducting CPR while you wait for an ambulance to arrive could save a life.

Stay safe and enjoy your summer!

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